Jeep: Set Your Own Course

In 2018, the Jeep Compass was unlike any other Jeep before it. Made for urban exploration instead of off-roading, we used social data to find out more about our new target audience, and how to engage them.

Encapsulating the spirit of Compass

Our Set Your Own Course campaign found three heartfelt, inspirational stories that perfectly reflected the All-New Jeep Compass ethos. The campaign demonstrated that ignoring the naysayers and following your heart enables you to make a change. You could Set Your Own Course using the vehicle’s four themes: Capability, Design, Refinement and Technology.

Each story was chosen based on its relevance to these themes. And each one turned into a micro-campaign. These consisted of multiple hero videos, images and GIFs covering Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn and a landing page on the Jeep website. Using the overarching themes of each story: mental health, design, homelessness and technology, we also targeted dark post audiences.

The campaign was a significant driver of conversions responsible for 8% of all visits on the Jeep UK website in the considered period. The campaign generated 406K reach, almost 80K video views and over 16k clicks to the campaign landing page; 1.5K of those who visited this page stayed on the website and clicked-through to other Compass pages to learn more.

Paid content was much higher than the average benchmark for the automotive industry, meaning our content resonated well with our new audience. So well we picked up the Auto Express Social Media Campaign of the Year: 2018.

  • Account Manager: Emma Fleming
  • Social Strategy Director: Carla Raven
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Content Director: Adam Gordon
  • Art Director: Joel Newman
  • Design Director: Nick Williams
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Copywriter: Harry Wright
  • Copywriter: Dan Magidson
  • Videographer and Photographer: Tom Stephens