SHARE Masterclass: Gen Z & The World of Work

Generation Z is challenging everything: from societal norms to social media usage and consumption. But what about the professional landscape? What do they want from their careers? Microsoft partnered with SHARE Creative to find these answers, tapping into the power of Social Intelligence and SHARE’s own tech to shed some light around one generation that gets all the attention, but remains unknown and unexplored. 

We captured the unbiased and organic voice of these users and leveraged their high presence on social media to analyse their discussions regarding their career paths, their opinions about the workplace and their pains and frustrations in relation to professional life. 

By combining Data Science with a cultural perspective, we gained a deep understanding of what truly matters to this generation in the context of the professional world and discovered the Audience Truths that define them. 

In our recent Masterclass, Justin Schoen, Group Manager (Social Intelligence) at Microsoft and Camila Angio, Head of Research & Insights at SHARE discussed how they utilised social data to unlock the needs, emotions, concerns and difficulties of Generation Z in the world of work.

Key Learnings:

  • The main topics of discussion / interest that Gen Z talk about on social media. 
  • Which platforms Gen Z use for career advice and how they share their emotional stories online.
  • What truly matters to Generation Z in the context of the professional world and what are their pain points, struggles and key concerns.

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