Webinar series: Social Listening SHARE Masterclass

SHARE Masterclass webinars sit in a curated programme of fast paced marketing guides and brand hacks to help make your brand more relevant. Each session features untapped knowledge from one of our epic industry experts at SHARE, offering you a chance to join the conversation and gain actionable insights.

Our next Masterclass ‘The secret power of social listening: An underutilised source of insight’ will be live Wednesday 23rd June at 12pm. The presentation will run for 30 minutes with a 15 minute live Q&A.

Jasmin Fischer, Research and Insights Director at SHARE will deep dive into social listening, discussing how data can improve your business decision making and explain why it’s one of the most valuable data sources to uncover insights and supercharge strategy.

Key learnings:

  • An understanding of social listening as a rigorous research tool
  • Strengths and limitations
  • How to use insights from social listening to increase brand relevance
  • A good brief vs. a bad brief

Register here to join us!

As well as the live Q&A, we would love for you to submit questions for Jasmin ahead of the event – what are your current thoughts (if any) on social listening? What are you curious to find out? What myths do you want debunked? We’d love to know! Please email milly.liechti@sharecreative.com