Hawksmoor: Introducing Liverpool to an iconic steak restaurant

From the spiritual home of the steakhouse to the bustling streets of London, Hawksmoor has opened in some iconic locations. Next on their list? The dynamic streets of Liverpool.

Earlier in 2022, Hawksmoor approached us to help launch their new restaurant in Liverpool with a localised social, digital, and OOH campaign that increased awareness, bookings and sign-ups for Hawksmoor.

To kick the project off, we needed to explore the state of play in the food and drink industry. We learnt that the idea of dining out was in full recovery from lockdown; however, consumers were finding eating out less of a novelty and cutting ‘luxury’ expenses due to financial pressures. Despite this, we noticed more people were sharing photos of food – as well as excitement spreading for new Hawksmoor restaurants and the reliable experience you can have there. We knew we needed to give people a unique reason to experience the new Liverpool restaurant, and we could do that by elevating Hawksmoor’s iconicity.

What makes Hawksmoor great isn’t just their steak – it’s a combination of things. To bring this to life, we centred our creative around all the iconic components and details that make up the entire Hawksmoor experience; and the city of Liverpool itself.

We focused heavily on macro moments that define our craft, from the finessing of our food to the environment it’s in. We intertwined this with wider moments of our venue, chefs preparing, bartenders mixing, friends chatting and local footage of the city to give context for all the ‘ingredients’ that make up the ultimate Hawksmoor Liverpool experience. All that was left to do was bring the shoot to life.

Over two phases, commuters in Liverpool stations were met with billboards heroing the delights of Hawksmoor, close-ups of iconic item menus from their steak to drinks. Phase one was all about opening soon. Two; now open.

Our social creative followed suit, heroing the city Hawksmoor was arriving in and the iconic food they deliver. Our opening soon prioritised awareness and lead-gen, with messaging tailored to 6 audiences across Meta and LinkedIn to encourage mailing sign-ups for exclusive bookings once open. Phase 2 was introduced with hero shots of the food our customers would look be greeted with, and messaging was tweaked to encourage bookings in the city.

Phased plans? The results only went one way.

Key highlights for phase 1:
760k geo-targeted impressions across unique footfall paths of Hawksmoor Liverpool
3.8% CTR average across the duration of phase 1
4038 leads driven from awareness audiences & 1st/3rd party data audiences

Key highlights for phase 2:
5412 new users in November & December 2022
16% conversion rate for all phase 2 conversions
+47% increased restaurant bookings MOM vs other Hawksmoor locations

  • Creative Director: Robyn Saunders
  • Head of Creative Production: Tom Stephens
  • Production Manager: Jenny Pine
  • Account Manager: Carlota Pombo
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Senior Designer: Joshua Smith