The North Face: Live in the Dolomites

In 2018, we showcased The North Face heritage by broadcasting their most iconic pop-up LIVE from the Dolomites.

Taking the Pinnacle Project live

The theme of brand heritage flowed throughout The North Face’s wider Pinnacle Project campaign. There was no doubt the event hosted in the heart of the Italian Alps was going to be an incredible one. But how could we take it a step further? How could we amplify these moments in an epic way to match?

First, we undertook a brand and market study. We discovered that our execution needed to be disruptive, authentic and, most importantly, live. These insights led us to the idea of sharing the Pinnacle mountain experience with as many people as possible, across multiple touch-points.

Live streaming from the mountains

Then, we headed to the Dolomites with a large crew of cameramen, production, tech and media experts. After a 2-hour hike or a 5-minute helicopter ride, if you were lucky, the experience was live streaming to billboards. Not only in both Westfield London sites but also on Facebook and

Finally, the team used drone footage and walking cameras to capture the epic views, atmosphere, pop-up walkthroughs and exclusive performances from musician Barns Courtney. Our live stream was supported with a teaser and real-time social content to drum up more excitement. So, we could showcase even more incredible views from behind-the-scenes, as well as leveraging athletes and influencers to share their experiences too.

Within hours, the Facebook live stream generated almost 100k reach and was viewed 20k times, driving a significant amount of new page followers in the process. People were sharing the video to their own feeds and commenting positively on the epic views and their unique Facebook experience. A couple of viewers even commented that they didn’t believe the live stream was real – so we took pride in proving we were actually at the top of the Dolomites by sneaking in a personalised message just for them in our stream!

  • Account Manager: Anna Winch
  • Content Director: Adam Gordon
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Motion Designer: Tom Stephens
  • Campaign Lead: First Days of Spring
  • Production: Cherryduck