Proactiv: 90 Days in the future

SHARE launched Adult Swim-inspired digital ads featuring Marcus Scribner to help Proactiv look beyond their 20 million worldwide customers and target the younger generation.

Proactiv are known for their Direct Response Advertising. However, they needed to broaden their TV ads and that’s where SHARE Creative came to play. Proactiv has amazing products. Unfortunately, younger consumers don’t tend to look for them while they are shopping. 

Defining Proactiv’s new tone of voice

SHARE Creative began with a deep dive analysis of Proactiv that pointed to a better path in the face (see what we did there) of a changing audience. We found that they had a keen interest in irreverent series like Rick and Morty. So, we used that tone of voice to inform our creative. With this in mind, we knew we needed to do something drastically different to get Gen Z’s attention. 

Proactiv meets Marcus Scribner

We developed a video for digital and broadcast working with an influencer, but in an unexpected way. Marcus Scribner, star of TV’s Black-ish, is a big fan of Proactiv. Therefore, he was the perfect fit for our audience. Instead of a straight to camera read, we filmed and produced a parody TV ad. We wanted to make a joke out of the style of Direct Response TV ads. 

The outcome was Marcus meeting Marcus, from 90 days in the future. This way we were able to explain the benefit of sticking with the regimen long enough to see the full impact of the product. The response was overwhelming. The video was shared across social and Proactiv has been the beneficiary of positive sentiment since the video’s launch.

  • Account Lead: Ian Cassidy