Southern Comfort: A blind taste challenge for Southern Comfort Black

SHARE put Southern Comfort Black up against a well-known American whiskey competitor and asked people across the UK to compare the taste in a blind test.

The challenge

Southern Comfort came to us for advice on how to drive trial and traffic of their brand new whiskey to a younger audience, and gain insight into their perception of the product. From previous analysis, we knew the younger demographic were not typically used to discovering whiskeys, and those who did enjoy it had preferences driven by the most popular whiskey brands in the world. With this in mind, we wanted an idea – or an experience – that would not only get people to trial our new product, but actively choose it over another. So we created the Taste Challenge, an interactive, blind taste test of Southern Comfort Black against an industry-leading whiskey, to help do just that.

SHARE on tour

With our 18-24 audience in mind, we took our Southern Comfort Black Taste Challenge experience on the road to shopping centres and student unions in Chelmsford, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool. In the lead up, we served localised ads to these areas to let them know we were coming and where to find us. On site, we built a bespoke Southern Comfort Black bar that was void of any biased branding during the tasting experience, accompanied by a survey – that participants also answered blindly – on product taste, smell, comparison and recommendation.

So what happened?

1 crew, 4 cities and 424 participants later, the results were in. A triumphant 60% of people preferred Southern Comfort Black to a leading American whiskey, and 9/10 regular whiskey drinkers between 25-44 would recommend Southern Comfort Black to a friend. This activation drove a 71% increase in lifetime visits to the Blacklist site – Southern Comfort’s dedicated microsite for exclusive Southern Comfort Black news, bar finder and recipes – mostly made up of the 18-24 audience, and achieved over 200 sign ups. People who took part shared their experiences mainly on Instagram Stories, and spoke highly of the product, calling it smoother, stronger and intriguing

  • Account Manager: Xuan Vo
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Content Manager: Joe Moring
  • Strategist: Will Mills
  • Videographer: Tom Stephens
  • Designer: Joshua Smith