ZEISS: Smudge Smuggler

SHARE created a living brand experience when introducing the Smudge Smuggle campaign to ZEISS audience, increasing their Amazon sales.

For their new product launch, ZEISS partnered with SHARE Creative to conceptualise an innovative campaign and boost online sales. As they relied solely on Amazon, we needed to increase their reach. We decided to use social media as a marketing channel to drive awareness and purchases.

Taking a data-led approach when developing the campaign

First, our Intelligence team profiled prospective customers to create relevant personas and geo-targeting.

Following this, we were able to develop a media strategy across the most relevant social channels. Our deep understanding of these audiences allowed our Creative team to deliver a campaign that spoke directly and relevantly to our target customers. 

Stopping Smudge Smuggling

Fuelled by data and brought forward by playful creative, we launched the Smudge Smuggler. It’s a fun and interactive campaign that catches the audiences’ attention through engaging visuals.

The users could only see the full ads by tilting their phone at a certain angle. This ensured that they noticed all the fingerprints and smudges on their device.

Subsequently, educating the users on the importance of phone cleanliness and increasing the awareness of the ZEISS Mobile Screen Wipes. 

Finally, as we drove users down our marketing funnel, we retargeted ads to deliver more frequently to high-intent users. We wanted to ensure those who engaged with the campaign posts, clicked through the site or watched the video ads, purchased the product.

Launched in June 2018, the Smudge Smuggler achieved +70k clicks to ZEISS Amazon page. Through this 4-week campaign, we kept a high engagement rate with 965 total shares of the ads and stabilised the CPC (Cost Per Click) to around $0.53. 

And most importantly, we fought nasty germs stuck on many devices!

  • Account Lead: Ian Cassidy
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Lead Performance & Media Strategist: Sam Faulkner