Microsoft Education: Get Started

SHARE & Microsoft helped teachers and parents in NYC Get Started on their remote learning journey with Microsoft Teams, and keep students learning effectively amidst a global pandemic.

Microsoft Education asked for our help to drive awareness and usage of Microsoft Teams amongst NYC teachers, parents and school leaders while distance learning. We created ‘Get Started’. A simple, localised campaign to educate audiences on how Teams can support them through K12 education while remote learning.

Diving into educational learnings

First, we explored conversation around remote learning in the US and New York to understand key topics or concerns surrounding education during COVID-19.

Our findings showed that conversation was fairly positive in the US. Sharing ideas and celebrating online platform features was prominent. New York however showed a less positive outlook. After the NYC Department of Education granted all students with a device – and a bigger demand for Teams, there were more concerns surrounding technical barriers and inequalities. Something that our campaign could help to ease.

Transforming learnings into a cut-through campaign

Then, we turned our learnings into four clear campaign actions: Simplify, Humanise, Empower, Localise.

We needed to inspire and enable every educator to confidently achieve more using Teams during a time of uncertainty. As well as reassuring them in a compelling and relatable way. Our communication strategy was simple. We needed to speak to audiences in a way that related to them at that very moment of consumption across the 6-week campaign duration. Firstly introduce Teams, then address the transition further with relevant tips, and finally build confidence with more complex features.

To sum up, we targeted teachers, parents and school leaders in New York with engaging, bite-sized content. We invited them to ‘Get Started’ on learning something new within Microsoft Teams. Through dynamic tutorial videos, carousels and GIFs, we showcased key tips and features relevant to each audience. The goal was to help them navigate seamlessly through remote learning. The copy was localised and easy to digest, while aligning with Microsoft’s empathetic and supportive tone of voice.

By Week 4, our ads had hit approximately 30% of all parents in NY, 3x the estimated self-identified teachers in NY, and 70% of all school leaders.

Simple, top-line content resonated most with parents, whereas teachers interacted more with feature deep-dives or use cases. school leaders engaged more with direct ads that inspired immediate link clicks, but teachers and parents are interacting with more informative video ads, but at different levels of complexity.

This campaign set the tone for SHARE’s Microsoft Education campaigns to follow. It ran through an unprecedented time for education, and the learnings we took throughout the process would go on to help us with future messaging, creative and targeting.

  • Account Manager: Xuan Vo
  • Paid Media Executive: Stefania Garovnik
  • Paid Media Strategist: Sam Faulkner
  • Analyst: Saffron VandenBurg
  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Head of Creative: Robyn Saunders
  • Copywriter: Jack Watkins
  • Designer: Joshua Smith
  • Motion Designer: Tom Stephens