Lagom Chef: Crafting a food-waste challenger brand

SHARE teamed up with Martyn, the Lagom Chef, to turn his passion into a sustainable, punk-forward, meal plan brand.

Finding the Chef

We helped Martyn craft the Lagom Chef as part of our Locally Grown initiative to help local small businesses during the pandemic. First being introduced to us as LagomFit, Martyn was bursting with ideas, seeking brand refinement and direction. After workshopping and getting under the skin of Martyn’s aspirations, the first objective was to tailor the brand to a core strength and service. With food-waste and the stiff upper lip of the industry being the heart of every conversation, the journey started with letting go of LagomFit and conceiving the Lagom Chef.

Channelling the Unique

Once the name decision was made, the rest of brand and social planning quickly began falling into place. With the goal of taking an industry off a pedestal and democratising waste-conscious eating, we decided the brand had to be a journey and a friend rather than a preacher or a destination; it was all about better not perfect. SHARE identified key themes populating social food-waste conversation that the brand could quickly disturb through its unique spin on everything it tackled. We could then map out the food-waste sector, which led us to a huge competitive white space in accessible, health-forward propositions; reaffirming our democratic hypothesis and making it a no-brainer for brand positioning.

Pointing a Spotlight

While we were able to do a lot in the shaping of the brand’s tonality, positioning, and marketing strategy – built on easy living, education and unfiltered honesty – we knew that a powerhouse like Martyn would capture imaginations as long as he could get in front of a camera and onto people’s screens. SHARE simply helped to set the stage and point the spotlight on this rising star of the food-waste community.

  • Creative Director: Alex Hill
  • Creative Strategist: Max Grünefeld
  • Data Analyst: Saffron Vandenburg
  • Content Manager: Amandine Bula
  • Senior Social & Content Manager: Joe Moring
  • Account Manager: Abi Tullett